Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 2 (July 31) - Applets and Cotlets oh my

Today was the first of our real driving days and we are no longer in Washington.
We woke up and enjoyed a nice breakfast at the Bavarian Lodge.
On our way out of town we enjoyed some of the sites.
We stopped in Cashmere, WA to see the Applets and Cotlets factory.
You probably have had these at some point in your life. If you are anything like me you had them and thought, these wouldn't be half bad if they didn't have walnuts (not my favorite nut).
Well, let me tell you, the factory makes a great many types of this fruit confection.... with nuts and without, with almonds and some with macadamia nuts... yummmmm.
We had a few samples. And got a short tour of the factory, although it wasn't a work day for the factory. Then we loaded up! Berry fruit squares, sour fruit squares, bars, fruit squares dipped in chocolate, and some crazy good things with coconut and almond squares and dipped in chocolate – oh dear me.
So from our brief trip to candyland we headed on to Moses Lake, WA for lunch and then hit the road again – onward to Idaho.
I have to say I am amazed at the difference in feel between Seattle/western Washington, and the other side of the mountains. Looks like a different state.
Eastern Washington
the Evergreen State?
We arrived in Hayden, ID, our home for the next two days, at about 3 oclock. Lucky for us our room was ready early. The Holiday Inn Express is where we landed, it claims to be pretty darn close to Silverwood. And it is next door (actually connected to) a family fun place with bowling, arcade and an indoor waterpark.
Welcome to Idaho!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

We are off!

Day 1 (July 30) - The Journey begins.

The plan was for me (Mom) to drop of hubby and the kids at the train station for the 5:12 pm train. Then, I would drive up to Leavenworth while they enjoyed the train. We hadn't counted on Amtrak running almost 1 hour and a half late.
boarding the Empire Builder
So the timing was different than we had planned, but the result was the same..... we are all in Bavaria! A mini version of it at least :)
My drive to Leavenworth was lovely. It was a beautiful day, and its easy to see why this is called the American alps.  It was dusk when I pulled in to our hotel, but I could still see the Maypole and all the touches that make this town unique.
Leavenworth, WA

We are staying at the Bavarian Lodge, which is fairly new. Its very cute and cozy - kind of Bavaria meets woodsy lodge style.
The Bavarian Lodge at Dusk

two queen beds

view from the door

Est. 2005
Tomorrow we head out to our next destination.
Oh... the kids loved the train ride. I was told so a number of times :) The youngest told me she was "mostly" good for daddy on the train.

A few more pics for good measure :)
How cute is this little sno-cat?
Even Starbucks looks a little bit Bavarian... like the font?
Not sure the fancy sign makes the price easier to handle.