Tuesday, August 7, 2012

a slight delay heading home

Our journey home took a bit longer than we planned :)
We arrived in Greely Hill early evening on Saturday.
We had a great evening catching up with family and stayed up late telling stories and talking.
Our plan was to head north after breakfast and goodbyes, drive to Roseburg, OR and spend the night. Allowing for a reasonable drive the following day to get us home.
We hadn't planned on husband/dad waking up really sick on Sunday.

It didn't take to long to realize he wasn't going to be able to do our planned day. We were able to take the day and let him rest and recover. Not sure what the next day would bring, the kids and I headed out with our guide for the day: our Amazing Cousin. We explored Sonora and surrounding roads to and from. She took us to Railtown, which was a huge hit with both kids.

It was the end of the day for the train they were using so we got to see it go to the round house. It was a fun outing. We wrapped it up with dinner and headed back to check on our sick one.

He was feeling a bit better but we would know more in the  morning.
Well, morning brought good news and we packed up. Once we had a chance to visit a bit more we said our goodbyes and started our journey home.
With the sun shining and happy passengers we decided to drive until Roseburg or when we were tired, whichever came second. And with ample Starbucks along our route, we made it all the way to Vancouver, WA. Which allowed us to sleep at my in-laws house - and they have a VERY comfy guest bed.
The kids did great on our all day drive. With movies, audio books, music and car games, we kept them entertained.

We took the last few hours on our final day. And home was right where we left it.
The trip was great, filled with wonderful memories.

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