Tuesday, April 16, 2013

YAH Mugs.... Canada

I had a lovely free day today and ran up to visit our neighbor to the north.
It was by far my shortest trip to Canada ever. Just over two hours in the country.
But I was able to see some sights.... White Rock is cool and crazy beautiful.
Did a little shopping.....
That's right.... They had both the Vancouver and the Canada mug! 
And had some donuts.... seriously you have to try a Tim Horton's Honey Cruller...Yummmm.
And I was home in time to pick up the kiddos from school. The weather was wonderful, and all in all I enjoyed the time in the car to sing along to the music I wanted to listen to :)

My YAH mug collection is now at a respectable 6 mugs.
If the Denver airport has a Starbucks, I will grab a Colorado mug this summer, along with Florida :)

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