Friday, December 23, 2011

There and back - Our pre-Christmas trip to Disney World

We were lucky enough to spend the week before Christmas at Disney World in Florida.
Other than the day-long trek across the country, going to Disney World is a bit like going home for hubby and I. Not sure if the kids feel that way, but we honeymooned at Disney World and have been back well over a dozen times since. We have a Disney timeshare and are actually greeted with “Welcome Home” when we that helps ;)

This trip we stayed in a two bedroom villa at Disney's Beach Club Villas. Hubby's folks joined us on our adventure which just happened to overlap with their anniversary.

We flew out early Friday morning and met the folks in the airport where we all flew to Orlando. Having an extra set of adults on the flight was nice. And it's nice that the kids are old enough to carry their own carry-on bags and entertain themselves a bit... iPad and headphones helped :)
Our travel was uneventful and we arrived and made our way to the resort. The benefit of flying all day from west to east is when you arrive and it's 5 pm in Florida it feels like it.... why it's sooo exhausting to sit on a plane all day, I have no idea.

Quiet pool at Beach Club Villas (photo credit goes to our 5 year old)
With very few hiccups in our week, we enjoyed all the parks and great weather. I won't go day by day, but highlights included the Candlelight Processional at Epcot hosted by Chita Rivera; a fun encounter with a Lake Patrol man named Mike, who took our picture and just made the boat rental a bit more magical; our sweet 5 year old losing (literally) her first tooth at Cinderella's royal table – seriously, we couldn't find it anywhere. She was very upset (I am pretty sure she swallowed it) but Princess Ariel saved the day and she was quickly right as rain. Our son discovering a love for Tower of Terror and Thunder Mountain railroad; and lots of other little magical moments. Oh, and way to much good food :)

Picture taken by Mike of Lake Patrol 
Thanks Ariel.  By the next day our lady was convinced that Tinkerbell and the tooth fairy found the missing tooth
Don't they look thrilled ;)
Decorating his ice cream dessert 
Mini Golf on our last day
Hubby tracked our walking for the week and it came to something in the 25 mile range.... ouch! that explains why my feet are sore. 
But, it was another wonderful trip to Disney and we look forward to going back.  

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