Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 17 (Aug 15) - Home :) And a shiny silver dragon?

It took us a bit longer than we expected, but we made it home.
The border crossing took about an 90 minutes, which was longer than we had expected.
But the end result is the same :)
The kids were on the lookout for the Flags to guide them into the U.S. and there was a shout of "we're home" when we crossed the border. Then we grabbed lunch and kept on driving.
The house was still standing and all seemed well, and we slipped back into our usual routine :)

Lake Harrison 
Walking back to the hotel after breakfast
Its pretty quiet this morning

Ok the all important stats of the trip.

We covered 2434 miles on our trip
Stopped for gas 7 times
Were in 2 time zones
Had 2 border crossings
Went through 3 states and 2 provinces
Slept in 8 hotels
Saw more trains than we could count
Took 770 pictures
And many amazing memories :)

Oh and we saw one shiny silver dragon..... on the highway on our way home this morning.... still in Canada.
Something odd on the flatbed.....
it's shiny and silver......
It's a ......
Told ya ;)
I looked up the web address on one of the trucks following the dragon and found out it was a Chinese Imperial Water Dragon. It was created by a BC metal artist.... it was quite the sight to see.

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