Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 3 (Aug. 1) - Oh my aching feet, or our day at Silverwood

We woke up to the sound of Hubby's cell phone this morning. It wasn't anything major, but it did jump start our day a bit.
Breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express in Hayden is exactly what you would expect. But make the ratios of kids to adults 3 to 1, and put at least half of those people in swimwear. Kudos to the staff for keeping the buffet stocked and tidy. And everyone was nice, no food fights or even grumpy stares... so the day started off well.
We had a bit of time to kill, as the park didn't open til 11. So we went to the store and grabbed a few last things we forgot we didn't know we would need on the trip... you know?
Then headed to the Northwest's Largest Theme Park...... don't read to much into that ;)

Steam Engine ready to roll
Our first order of business was the real steam engine ride. The train was great..... the “train robbery show” wasn't a favorite for a certain train loving boy. But he muscled through and we ventured on.

View from our seats on the train.
We focused on the kids rides to start, trying to get them both in the swing of things before lunch and it worked. One kid loved the frog hopper..... pictures below. The other only loved things brother would do with her.... and it shouldn't go to high.... or move to fast, or get her too wet :)
First solo flight of the day.
Train themed kids coaster with Dad. Loves it!
Laughing so hard on the Frog Hopper.
Little one getting support from Daddy. The Frog Hopper wasn't her favorite.
We lunched at the only table service place in the park. It was cool and quiet....perfect. Lots of old style charm and a kids menu that pleased both of ours. And at the end of our meal, the steam engine went right by the window for us. Woooo Hoo!
The afternoon was full of rides for all. The Log Flume was the first.... and we all got WET! Nope, I didn't take pictures... but I should have :) And Daddy got to ride on all the big roller coasters the park has to offer. Two wooden coasters, an inverted coaster, as well as one of the those CRAZY things that takes you waaaaay up high and shoots you down – not my cup of tea, but he loved it.
The kids and I made our way though the antique cars, skee ball, and a handful of kids rides. While Dad was getting his coaster fix.
Driving the Antique Cars.
Enjoyed the view from the backseat as sister drove. 
Helicopter Ride.
We wrapped up our time at Silverwood by watching the steam engine pull away for another ride.
As our oldest would say “great steam action”.
Dinner was Garlic Jim's pizza in our room. And we did some prep for tomorrow before finally getting off the feet... ouch.
Tomorrow we head on to Montana!  

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