Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 6 (Aug 4) - Drive to Calgary

An odd day

We woke up this morning to a little man who wasn't feeling well. So we let the kids stay in pjs until we needed to check out and hubby and I went about to pack up the caboose. Of course we saw 2 more trains during that time ;) Taking our total train sightings at the Inn to 15.
And we are off..... again. Unfortunately the first third of our drive is on windy mountain roads, which isn't the best for our little man, but he did ok. We made one gas stop before lunch and then found The Park Cafe for lunch. We had done some research before leaving home and found this place. It has a LARGE menu and seems to be a good place for pie. So this was our plan.

Well its a popular place. It might be because there isn't much else around ;)
As things turned out, the sick one and I hung out in the car, and Daddy and our little lady ate.
The little man was just not ready for a room full of people and food and I wasn't ready to deal with the consequences if we pushed him to soon.
But the weather was great and so was the people watching. Hubby ran my lunch out to me and I dined in the car, while they finished up. Add a piece of pie and we are back on the road. The Park Cafe was fine. Food was fine and it's got its own charm – but I think some of its popularity has to do with it being the best option on a long road. And as it turns out, the good folks of Montana like pie.... every place we past had signs out announcing pie... best pie, homade pie, etc and Montanans love there huckleberry – don't even think about asking for blueberry ;)

Into Canada. I have only ever gone into Canada at the Peace Arch entrance at the top of I-5 in Washington. So this quiet, no-wait border crossing was quite the treat. With 3 hours left until our hotel in Calgary we kept moving. Kids were entertained by the passing farm land and the little man was starting to perk up. We stopped in Claresholm since we were in the market for a restroom and they had a sign that said “rest area”, which turned out to be the visitors center/historical museum. The man inside was thrilled to be sharing his country with forenginers and loaded us up with information.....
booklets and brochures for every place and thing we might do while in his great country :) Once we signed the guest book (we were his first from WA) he gave us all little pins of the flag.
He also went through all the papers with me, to show me where all the “good” coupons were. Hubby and kids looked around the museum which was actually an old train depot. This stop turned out to be much more than we had hoped for. Hubby teased me that I was going to make him stop at every visitor center we saw, since we had such a great experience stumbling into this one.
a few pictures of the landscape out our windows as we drove into Alberta

We moved on into Calgary and found our hotel. By the time we arrived the little man was asking for food, and acting more like his usual self – good signs.
We got settled into one of the many Holiday Inns in Calgary. This one is kind of odd as it looks new, but once you settle in you can tell it really isn't. The elevator being the biggest clue ;)
We ate and settled in for the night, with much to read and (surprise) train tracks visible from our window we were set.  

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