Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Days 10 and 11 (Aug. 8 and 9) The West Edmonton Mall

Full size replica of the Santa Maria
Well this place is BIG. I don't know that is as massive as I originally thought, I think its more the number of things to do that makes it bigger. I am posting these last two days in one because we have been here, there and back again. Both mornings started with Hubby running out to grab us a quick breakfast. We would eat in the room and then head to the “World Waterpark” for its opening. The first few hours of the day seem to be less busy and that is a bit easier for the kids. We all enjoyed the water slides and wave pool. Its a really nice water park. They have great slides at every level, so the kids could actually participate. They were going down one slide in particular all by themselves..... over and over and over and over again :) The park also had plenty of the “advanced” slides that hubby loves. The wave pool wasn't as deep as others hubby and I have experienced, which was also nice. The roof was kind of like a big atrium roof, letting in lots of natural light, but not nearly the risk of sunburn :) Overall, a big hit!
We ate the bulk of our meals from one of the two food courts, which had a wide assortment of foods. The mall has one main area for sit down restaurants, but only two of them really met our needs. So we would decide if the crowds vs variety worked out for each meal.... and we ended up at the food courts for all but lunch today. When we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory. We also spent quite a bit of time in Galaxyland, the amusement park. The oldest found a medium size coaster he LOVED going on with Dad. Last night they went 8 times in a row.... and that was just one of our visits. The youngest wasn't up for the coasters but loved all the kid rides and found the bumper cars a great place to make new friends. We also had a blast earning tickets at the games... skee-ball etc. Over our trip we earned over 600 tickets, which we cashed in today for a handful prizes.
The blur at the back of the red coaster is hubby and the oldest... hubby is waving.
youngest trying her hand at driving
We got a chance to see the Sea Lion show, and Daddy and the kids explored the aquarium and saw a movie yesterday. While I enjoyed a few hours at the spa........ which was lovely. We played a game of glow in the dark mini golf this afternoon. And Daddy and the youngest took a few turns around the skating rink. We also did a little shopping – it is a mall after all :) Oh and bumper boats... she what I mean, a lot to do here.

view of the Sea Lion arena from the second floor
zoomed in a bit more
Daddy and youngest bumper boating
and zoomed out a bit more 
Daddy helping oldest with his golf swing... glow in the dark mini golf
It was a wild place.
Ice Skating
Tonight my feet and legs are feeling all the fun we had. I think 3 nights was the right amount of time here. And I am ready to see the outside again. At dinner our youngest asked me what was behind the walls, not understanding I told her probably the restaurant kitchen or something. She replied no... it was trees and birds and sunshine. I think she is ready for fresh air too :)
Several times here people have assumed I am a local. A sales associate in a bookstore today told me they didn't have what I was looking for, because all these tourists have bought them out :) I smiled and nodded. Yup, that was what my plan was too :)
We have had a great time here, we talked this evening that this would be a great winter getaway... but its not an easy thing to get here in the winter... hmmm.

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