Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 16 (Aug 14) - Hot Springs and a Surrey without fringe on top

The sun really didn't come out this morning so our morning swim was a bit cooler than we had expected, but the water was warm and the crowds were light :)
After our morning swim, we got cleaned up and walked down the street to find lunch. Cookin' Kim's Country Cafe... say that 3 times fast. We got our fill along with a slice of peach pie, which was tasty but had a surprising number of berries in it - Hmm?
After lunch we took a turn on a Surrey or whatever you call those funny bike contraptions that look like fun, but are heavier than they look after about 10 mins. We choose the suggested 30 min path through town and all had a  good time. The kids loved it and Hubby and I got a little work out :)

We did a little shopping on our walk back to the hotel and then took a little rest in the room.
Since the weather was overcast and dreary we spent the afternoon relaxing in the room and decided on room service for dinner. We had a bit of excitement before dinner when a bird hit our sliding glass door and hung out on the balcony til it recovered. It flew away and rejoined its friends and our room service arrived. Great mac and cheese if you ever find yourself up here :)
After dinner (and an appropriate wait) we went down to the pools again. This time armed with our underwater camera :)
the family pool 
new goggles 
and we were told they make "everything look smaller", hmmm?
We were all pretty wiped out at the end of swimming..... the adults were the only ones who could admit that :)
So we retired to our room for the night.
Tomorrow we go home. I think we all have mixed feelings about that.

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