Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 13 (Aug 11) - from Jasper to Kamloops

Leaving Jasper behind
We are getting close to the end of our trip. Today was a driving day, and we only have one more of those before we drive home!
We had breakfast in the room this morning, then packed up and headed out. Stopping in town (Jasper) first to return the GyPSy guide and pick up some lunch for the road. We found a deli on Patricia St for sandwiches that fit the bill, then back to the car.
I think we made it 5 minutes down the road before the kids started asking for the sandwiches :) But it was quarter to noon, so we went for it. Picnic on the road, with some REALLY good sandwiches. Our route took us out of Jasper National park and into Mt. Robson Provincial park, and we were already missing our GyPSy guide.
About an hour down the road we found traffic... or something along those lines. We were stopped, with a lot of others. At first we wondered if there was an animal up ahead that everyone was watching, but we quickly decided it was road construction. Hubby decided to walk towards the front of the line. My job was to keep a look out, just in case things started moving. This seemed like a perfect plan since there were people sitting in camp chairs along the road and a badmittion game had just started about 30 cars ahead of us. From our location we couldn't see the front of the line and after about 20 mins we couldn't see the back of it either.

view ahead of us
view behind us
To make a long story short (don't say it), cars started coming from the other direction. Which meant it would be our turn soon. Hubby hadn't made it to the front before we were moving but we saw the problem... a couple of semi's had made a mess all over the road. Not sure how, but one of the trucks had the side of its trailer missing and the contents of the truck were all over the road.... messy.
We moved past all that and got back into the groove of a driving day. With a stop for snacks and washrooms (as they say in Canada) we got into Kamloops just before 5 pm.
Our room at the Best Western is great with two queens and the nicest hide-a-bed we have seen... so everyone has a place :) We had dinner at Red Robin, something familiar felt good for the kids. Then back to the room and bed.
Tomorrow we explore Kamloops.

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