Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 5 (Aug 3) - Glacier National Park Circle tour (120 miles)

Getting ready for our tour
Wow, what a day!
We were ready in time for our tour on the Red Bus to start. The bus and our guide, also known as a “Jammer” picked us up at the Inn. We were the last pick up stop and the only row with 4 together was the very back row. Which worked out perfectly. The Inn was actually the first stop on the tour, so we had time to load and get comfy while the other tour goers saw the Inn.
And we were off..... the start of our 8 hour, 120 mile tour of all things Glacier.
Wait, 8 hours? With a 5 and 8 year old...... who thought this was going to be a good idea?
View forward from our seats - we spent the whole tour looking out our windows or up :)
Well, they did great.... fine might be more appropriate. But I am very proud of them. There were times they were clearly bored, but the constant change of scenery and the big bumps in the road (literally,we bounced around quite a bit) kept them entertained. Glacier is massive! And incredibly beautiful.
We are very happy we chose the tour. The kids actually said they liked it when it was all over. I think the vehicle was part of its charm, and our driver took the top off for most of the tour... so it was open air. I got my vitamin D today..... I have a sunburn to prove it ;)
Jammer Jim, our guide, is retired and comes out each summer to do this. He and his wife winter in Arizona, Texas, or Florida, and return each summer.
I took 106 pictures today, so there are too many to share them all. But the highlights include Lake McDonald, really big mountains, hubby helping Jammer Jim, etc.

Standing on the bank of Lake McDonald
Our Red Bus
Lake McDonald
Hubby helping Jammer Jim take the top down

Lake McDonald from the river... here come lots of picture from the day
picture out  the top of the red bus
a tunnel in a tunnel

mountain goats
playing in snow

We got back to the Inn just after 6pm and had dinner in the caboose. And are attempting to get to bed earlier... but so far the kids are still very active.
Oh, in case you are keeping track, we are up to 13 train spottings here at the Inn. I think a certain youngster could just sit outside and watch the trains go by all day. Maybe next time ;)

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