Thursday, September 27, 2012

RunDisney - or a trip to Orlando without the kids!

This trip is just hubby and I! And what a culture shock to travel across the country to Disney World without the kiddos.  We started our love of Disney World long before they were born so it's kind of deja-vu to return without them.
This weekend is the Tower of Terror 10 miler race at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Hubby will be running the race and I will be cheering him on.
The run is Saturday night - it starts at 10 pm and the park will stay open until 4 am for race goers and their guests! So we are attempting to stay on west coast time so the late hour doesn't get to us.
But honestly I will be shocked if we make it to 4 am.

Today was all about travel.
We headed out early this morning and caught a flight across the country. Grandma and Grandpa are watching our kiddos, so we know they are in good hands. Our flight was uneventful. Hubby listened to podcasts and I started watching the final season of Being Erica - which I have been waiting and waiting to get my hands on... Come on Canada, share! So the almost 6 hours passed rather quickly and we were driving to the resort before we knew it.
We typically stay at Disney when we are here, in part because we "know the secret" and own a Disney timeshare and in part because we love staying on property. This trip our timeshare wasn't an option so we got to try something new. We are staying at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek. Which is on property, but not a Disney hotel.
The unit is lovely, but getting in and settled was kind of crazy.

view as you enter
another view of main living area
bath, which has a door on the other side that goes back into the dining/entryway

As it's on the same grounds as another Wyndham hotel and there are 6 plus buildings - we covered a lot of ground between our check in and finding our real room.
The real fun was getting the parking pass. Part of the reason our room is so big and has such nice amenities is that it's a timeshare. They book rooms for cash, which is what we did.
No where online was there any indication that attending a presentation would be required. (Do you see the writing on the wall here?) Well, "getting your parking pass" is code for talk to a sales person to set up your 90 min. introduction to Wyndham timeshares... oh and we will get you a parking pass while we are at it. We talked with a very nice representative named Keith for about 10 minutes... where are you from, what brings you to our fair city, how did you find our hotel? etc. Then he began "encouraging us" to set up our appointment with him, because he doesn't want us to miss out on our free gifts. YIKES!
Hubby knew this was coming about 3 minutes before me, when he realized the guy was putting notes on our resort map upside down... we learned several years ago that a true timeshare sales person knows how to write upside flawlessly. And Keith did! Well we don't really have 90 mins to dedicate to a sales pitch we would say no to, so we politely side stepped it. We don't want/need the "free gifts" and we have paid for our room in full. So I don't feel guilty. I am hopeful that that was the last of it for this visit - fingers crossed :)
Well, after all that we ran out of here and found dinner.
Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney did the trick.... wow, what a great sandwich. Maybe it was the best turkey sandwich ever, or maybe I hadn't eaten since breakfast on the other side of the country? Hard to say. We ate and wandered a bit. I got to shop a little in the BIG store and then we hit a real grocery store for breakfast supplies, water, etc.
The room is very comfortable and provides plenty of room to relax and unwind, which will be great.
Tomorrow is packet pick up for the race and the first day of Epcot's annual Food and whine (tee hee... it's really wine, but since we don't drink, I like my way better) Festival.

Oh - Did I mention the rain? It's the tail end of Hurricane season here and well, Florida has amazing rain storms. So this is what we saw and then encountered on our drive to the resort.
And yes, we did get wet!

Storms in the distance... we are heading towards that bright area
between the big bands of rain
But we didn't miss the rain.... Lots and lots of heavy rain.
Yup, it's lush and green here :)

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