Saturday, September 29, 2012

So that's what 10,000 people look like! - Race Night

Our day was relatively lazy. With resting up for the race and getting gear in order, add in lunch and that was our day. At 7 pm we needed to be to the Wide World of Sports to get on buses. Which took us to the Studios park, parking lot - which was our home for just under 3 hours. This is where/when runners check in their bags, take pictures and a FABULOUS DJ warmed up the crowd.
We people-watched and clapped along, while the time passed. It went surprisingly quickly.
Runners needed to be in their pacing groups by 9:15 so that was when I headed to the spectators area. Then it was more people watching til 10 when the race officially began.

How many port a potties do you need for 10k people?
My favorite runner.
Our little piece of the parking lot, where we listened and watched as the DJ warmed up the runners.
Theses ladies were good at the Electric Slide
The starting line... before the runners 
The starting line + 2500 runners
The official start of the race!
The second wave of runners
The last wave of runners line up to start. 
And they are off!
Hollywood Studios park.... very very empty.
Runners pass "the Hat" with only a half mile left to go..... look closely and see the two at the front of the stage....
getting engaged!
Here comes our Runner! Half mile to go! You look great!
After the race we rested. And decided that a night in the park with 10K people wasn't what we really wanted. A soak in the tub and sleep sounded a lot better. So we returned to our hotel and settled in.

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