Monday, February 18, 2013

O Canada - Day 3

Our full day in Harrison

This morning we got up and walked down the street to get breakfast. After one failed attempt, we found a resturant and dove into breakfast. 
Once we ate, it was time to hit the pools. 

heading back to the resort from breakfast
Lake Harrison on a cloudy day

Do they look ready to swim, or what?

Ok, it really doesn't look like good swimming weather, but the pools are warm. 

The pools at the resort are all fed from the local hot springs. Each pool is a little different - lap pool (the coolest of the bunch), family pool (about 3 feet deep and great for families), the adult pool (warmer than the family pool and nice and quite), the inside pool (a bit deeper and.... inside) and the hot  pool (located inside and really like a big hot tub). 
We spent the bulk of our time in the family pool. 
Midday, hubby and I went to the Hidden Springs Spa on property for a couple's mineral soak. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for watching the kiddos. This short spa appointment was lovely. A quiet mineral pool all to ourselves - no splashing! it was bliss. 
After an active morning in the pools we headed out for a late lunch in town. We actually headed to the next town over - Agassiz,  and found a A&W to eat at. 
After we had our frosty mug and lunch, we wandered back to Harrison by way of a local cheese farm. The farm wasn't open for tours, but we sampled some cheese and had some gelati before returning to our temporary home. And yes, you have to wonder about the logic of eating gelati outside in Canada  in February... this wasn't lost on us. But we ate it all the same! 
What now? you ask....... back to the pools. Are you seeing the pattern here? You spend a lot of time in the pools when you go to the Hot Springs. 
An afternoon of splashing and floating helped up work up an appetite. We headed back to Agassiz for dinner and tried a local place called Jack's. It was a nice, quiet dinner and we enjoyed the short drive. 
Bed was calling. Tomorrow we head home.

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