Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Color Run - Take Two!! Spokane!

We are at it again! Painting the town, you might say....
We headed over to Spokane this last weekend so Hubby and our little lady could run and be colorful!

She wished she had joined him earlier this year in the Seattle Color Run, and we saw that Spokane was also having a run on Sunday.... so we signed them up!

Dinner the first night was at Tomato Street, which was lively and fun with yummy food.

Kids adding to the HUGE chalkboard "Imagination Zone"
Roasted Garlic and Cambazola appetizer - Oh my, so very good!

We went to bed early... or tried to, the run was in the morning!

soo excited about the run, wearing headband to bed :)
ready for bed
Our hotel is along the walking path to Riverfront Park, which makes getting around downtown really easy.
So after a quick breakfast at the hotel, we walked over to the start line.

Ready set GO!!!

While they were out running around the town, the train loving boy and I hit the local Starbucks.
Which as luck would have it, was right by the 4K mark, otherwise known as the PINK ZONE!
So we grabbed our drinks.... watched through the window as the first runners came by.
Then we headed outside and waited for them to come by.

Oh, the pink!
Here they come!
stopped for a quick photo op.... colorful!
We let them run on to the finish line and walked back to meet them.  And we caught a great picture of the street where the run started....

A little color for brother... thank you Little Lady
So, let's backtrack a bit... while the kiddo and I were at Starbucks, our train loving boy spotted a poster on the bulletin board - the Amtrak Exhibit Train was in Spokane for the weekend!!! 
So.... we knew what we were going to do this afternoon. 

After a shower for those wearing a little extra color... we were off to see the Amtrak Exhibit Train. 

 After enjoying the Exhibit Train, we had lunch and walked back to the hotel... with a quick stop at the wagon slide.

Our afternoon also included a gondola ride over the falls and a mini train tour through the park.

We had a great time in Spokane and the kids can't wait to go back.
One last picture -
Huh? I thought we were in Spokane.... not San Diego. Funny :)

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