Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 14 - Heading home

I almost can't believe we head home today. It's been a great trip and home feels likes it's in another world.
But here we go.....
Rise and shine, pack up the bags. We were packed up and checking out by 10am.
Not bad for us to be honest.
We had wanted to hit the new (dare I say, improved) Boardwalk Bakery this trip... specifically for breakfast.
Can you say egg, cheese and potato scramble in a.... (wait for it....) BREAD BOWL!!!
Yup, a bread bowl with breakfast... brilliant!

After a yummy breakfast the kids and hubby walked into Epcot and I drove the car around to the Epcot parking lot.. I suppose we could have gotten away with leaving the car at the Boardwalk, but thats just not how we roll.
By the time I met back up with them they had seen the American Adventure again and were walking toward Mexico, grabbing Norway fastpasses on the way.
Our ride in Mexico was complete and it was time to wander back to Norway.... we hit the bakery, 'cause that School Bread is crazy good and it was raining - really, really, really, really hard, and sideways. And our fastpasses wasn't quite ready.
But once we put away the school bread and the fastpass time came, we donned our panchos and made a break for it.
The rain was almost done when we got off and headed for mission space.
With a few more rides in future world it was well past lunch and not everyone had had late morning school bread, so lunch was needed.
Sunshine Seasons did the trick and one last ride on Living with the Land was enjoyed as well.
As we headed out we couldn't help but ride Spaceship Earth once more and then we went to find the car.... parked as far out as possible.... all the way at the end of the row... like three cars from the end.

Our trip back was uneventful. Nice to have a nonstop flight this time.
Our car was still at the Doubletree so we texted the Valet and when we arrived off the shuttle van the car was waiting a few feet away - NICE.
It was a long day, we got home about 11:15... sooo good night and great trip.

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