Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 5 - St Maarten our 1st Port of Call

Room service arrived within minutes of hubby and I waking up.  What great timing. Don’t ever say those breakfast door tags don’t work. We needed to be checked in for our excursion at 8:15... which is early for us on this trip, so we decided to have breakfast come to us. Our shore excursion today was an island tour with a stop at a butterfly farm.
The tour started off rocky as it took a bit of time to get us on a bus, but once it was all organized we had a good time. Our guide was good and we had good seats on the bus.
In Marigot, on the french side of the island we had some pastries at Serafina's, a French bakery and picked up a fridge magnet and key chain in a tourist shop. The tour stopped for an hour here. Then on to the butterfly farm. Lots of butterflies and even a huge moth. 

Getting off the Ship for our tour 
Great views

marks the border between French and Dutch sides of the island

Having a true french macaroon

Some yummy mini donuts

a nice cool drink 

view of the bay on the french side - Marigot

Daddy, I am soo hot and tired 

Butterfly farm

Monarch Catapiller

Butterfly farm guide holding a huge moth

The little lady surprised the guide by telling him the right answer to a question about monarch butterflies. He didn't realize she had endured hours of education on them, since they are her brother’s favorite butterfly. He is a funny kiddo - He very much likes monarchs... but doesn't want anything to do with the rest of them. His happiness level at the farm was all over the map - up then down, then back. But we had a nice visit and were ready to get back to the ship and air conditioning.

Our ship!

Ain't she a beaut?

A gorgeous day

We lunched on board at Cabanas and then tried our hand at the Midship detective agency. This is really pretty cool. It's an interactive treasure hunt of sorts. Taking you all over the ship looking for clues and using “magic pictures” to help you solve the puzzles. Today we did the Case of the Plundered Paintings. I won’t ruin it for you and tell you who the painting thief was, but I will say I was wrong. I had forgotten a key piece of info and am not the best detective after all. But as a family team we did solve the case... or “Crack the case” as our little lady insists we say.
We wrapped up the case just in time to take the kids to the club and go to our spa appointment. Hubby and I have never done a couple's massage before, and this was a real treat. Our therapists were wonderful and when it was over I was sure he had fallen asleep and he was sure I had. We both had an extremely relaxing time.
Picking up the kids and getting ready for dinner was next. Dinner was pirate themed, actually the whole night is pirate themed. Lot of people are dressed as pirates and there is a deck party later in the evening with pirates and fireworks.. Disney says they have the only fireworks at sea. Cool.

Here is our last minute “I need a pirate skirt” craft I threw together for the little lady. I prepped the bandanna pieces at home and brought them along with the elastic. Its a “skirt” (she wore it over leggings) made of bandanna pieces tied to the elastic. I found this on a crafting blog online.. or youtube.. I can’t remember now. It looked cute online and the little lady helped a bit at home. But the finished product has big ole knots all around, which can’t be too comfy, but she wore it all night.

Ready to be tied together for a skirt... didn't take pic on her - sorry

After dinner the boys hit the deck... up to AquaDuck. Which they rode..... wanna guess? 10 times. I totally didn't believe the kiddo when he told me. 10 times!!!! crazy.
Our lady hit the clubs again and I had about an hour all to myself.
The big to-do on Pirate night is Buccaneer Blast, or the fireworks. Hubby was the only one who made it up on deck for them. Our AquaDuck fan was a bit (please forgive this) quacked, from all the water fun. (sorry, I couldn't help myself) Somewhere along the way I think he took in a fair amount of water and wasn't feeling so hot. Our little lady was just pooped. That's not what she would have said, but it was clear to anyone around, she was wiped out. We spotted a few from our room porthole as we were getting into bed.

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