Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 13 - The Future, the world and a circus... of sorts

Today is our day to spend at Epcot! My personal favorite park.
We made it to rope drop, which kind of surprised me... mornings are slow going for us this trip. But we made it!
We entered the park about 10 mins before 9 am and Hubby ran to get Soarin' fast passes for us, while the kids and I strolled over to Test Track.
He met us there with FP for 9:50... great timing.
Test Track has recently been redesigned. The track is the same, but all the aesthetics have changed and you now start in a computer lab, where teams of 2 or 3 get to design their own test vehicle. Which is very fun.
As we rode the ride we saw how they integrated this into the ride... at each section you get to see how your test vehicle would hold up to the conditions. Each ride vehicle has two teams in it so you can see which car holds up better. It was lots of fun.
Our boy's car came in first place for ride, handling and efficiency, but the little lady's car came in first for power/performance.
In the exit area for the ride you can make a commercial for your car - this was almost as fun as the ride. We entered our info to have the finished commercial emailed to us... but so far, no emails have come :( bummer.
Next up was Mission Space (green) - apparently our family has assigned roles on this ride. Each time we rode the little lady was the pilot, our boy was the engineer, I was the navigator and hubby was the commander. The kids really get into this ride. It's a hoot.
On our way out the exit our boy bought a model of X2 spaceship, from the ride.
We continued on in Future world with The Land, and Soarin'. We then dodged the rain and hit The Living Seas with Nemo, then worked our way towards World Showcase.
Our plan for World Showcase was to do the Agent P challenge, have some lunch in the US pavilion
and wander a bit.
We found out the Agent P thing needs an uninterrupted 30 mins, so we decided to start that after lunch. We hopped on the boat to Germany, then took the short walk to lunch.
During lunch we were treated to the Fife and Drum corp.

After lunch we walked back to Germany and started our Agent P challenge.
If you know the show Phineas and Ferb from the Disney Channel, then this will all make sense... if you don't........ I will try to make this short. Agent P is a platypus who is trying to stop Professor Doofenshmirtz from doing random and silly bad things.
In this challenge we get to be agents and help out. Each team gets a communicator... looks like a phone and it tells you what to do. It really walks you through everything - so we followed along and got to see some fun surprises hidden in the Germany pavilion. And of course - cause we are awesome agents - we caught Professor Doofenshmirtz before he took over the town.

Checking the communicator for instructions
Its a little hard to see in the sun :) 
We caught him! He is being chased down in the open window across the courtyard
We returned our communicator and headed to France. They have recently opened a new ice cream shop in France.... so it was our original destination, but we took a few detours. First we decided to see the movie Impressions of France, which the kids hadn't seen. As we left the movie we discovered.... you guessed it... RAIN.  And for some reason the pastry shops seemed like a much better idea than Ice cream. So we grabbed a treat and found a place to stand while the rain died down.
We went on to Canada to see the movie and walk the shops.

We continued around World showcase (with another ride on the Imagination ride squeezed in) and went on the Mexico and the Norway boat rides.
At this point it was time to take a break. Not a fun plan for our kids, and our fun loving boy let us know he wasn't pleased. But we headed out.

This evening we had tickets to see La Nouba! Hubby and I had seen it years ago, and we were taking the kids tonight. It will be the first Cirque Du Soleil they have seen. We put a lot of thought into where we were going to sit with them... to get a good view, but let our boy be far enough back to be comfortable.

Back in the room we grabbed food from Good's to Go at the resort and had an early dinner. We headed out around 5:15 and made our way to Downtown Disney.
The show started at 6. And our seats turned out to be great.
Both kids really enjoyed the show!

That was pretty much the end of the day for us. The room and bed were calling.

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