Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 7 - Our last day at sea

We slept in a bit today. With no big plans til 10:30 it was nice to have a leisurely morning.
Hubby and I had brunch at Palo today. The kids went to the clubs and we dressed in our brunchy best went up to this adult-only restaurant. It was a lovely meal. They tell you to take your time and relax and then pace your service so you do. We enjoyed the view and the rare time just the two of us. The food was wonderful, with one interruption from the kids, that required me to run down for a few minutes. We had a great meal. And left full.

Hubby picked up the kids and we all met back in the room, we wanted to get them some lunch and change clothes ourselves. After we watched the kids eat, Hubby and the little lady headed down to see a magic workshop. The performers from the night before did a small family workshop. They all learned how to do a rope trick. The busy boy and I planned a bit more of the day and enjoyed the quiet time and talked about what was next.

Actually the whole day went pretty fast. When they returned and showed off the trick they learned, it was almost time for the kids to go to their last session of “Get the Hook” in the kids club. They were really enjoying this event and today was the last session... they were going to find the Hook! Hubby went up to the Rainforest room and I took the kids to the club and then met him up there.
This session of Get the Hook was only a half hour, so with transit time its not much time for falling asleep in a lounge chair in the Rainforest room. Hubby picked the kids up and I spent a few extra minutes relaxing.
Before dinner we worked on the on board treasure hunt style game they have “MidShip Detective Agency”, which took us all over the ship and to our restaurant of the evening, Enchanted Garden.

enjoying some bread at dinner
I think we went through two baskets of bread at each dinner
Pepe's room - part of the midship detective game. 

After dinner we picked up with our detective plans and continued until the evening show “Believe”. Another great show from the ship's cast. It was sweet and fun and we enjoyed it.
Next up... bed. Please please please can we go to sleep before 10! Almost, but not quite... maybe tomorrow.

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