Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 6 - St Thomas (who says you need to sleep on a vacation?)

Today we were up earlier than yesterday - whose idea was this?
We all got up, dressed and ate without incident. We even found our way down to the D Lounge where our Island Tour to Coral World was supposed to meet. Somewhere between the Lounge and getting on the tour bus, the little lady lost it... not to say she was kicking and screaming, she was a bit more composed than that. But she DID NOT want to go on a tour or another island and more than that she really didn't want to be off the ship. The crying stopped before we got on the bus, but the bad attitude remained for the first third of the tour... slowing softening into acceptance and ending with “this is a great day!”. She is clearly suffering from late nights and early mornings. We must remedy this soon, if for no other reason than my sanity :)

great views
view back down to the ship

checking out the view
pic with a local
hanging out in our tour vehicle
showing me just how grumpy she is :)
sharks at Coral World
checking out the touch pools
not a bad place to be 
lovely day
big school of small fish
sea turtle

Iguana - these things are all over, think of them like squirrels at home :)
checking out the map
smoothie time
feeding the birds
The tour was good. Our driver was friendly and in a reasonable amount of time we found ourselves at Coral World. Which looks much bigger on their map than it is. We had 1 1/2 hours to explore and when I saw the map, I thought “we better be quick, or we won’t see it all”. Not the case. With 30 minutes to spare we had seen it all. It was a nice small aquarium-like sea park. Low crowds made for easy viewing of the exhibits. They were doing some construction with was a bit distracting, but only in the one building. The kids had fun and we were heading back to the ship for lunch.
We lunched in Cabanas again today. I found an area in Cabanas that I prefer to sit in, so that is where we landed. And we ate with great views of St Thomas and the water.
After lunch we played a round of Goofy Golf on deck 13, which is a 9 hole mini golf course.

not a bad view from our Goofy Golf game on deck

Then it was back to the room to rest for a bit. I napped, I think. I was soo groggy that I know I wasn't really awake, but I didn't feel like I slept either. The kids watched some Disney cartoons and hubby read. When it was time to get up, I decided coffee would help the situation. So down to deck 4 for an iced coffee - which really did the trick.
The lady whose attitude has been awesome since mid morning, had a Bippity boppity Boutique appointment. This was her birthday present from us - it includes a Disney costume, hair etc. They will turn you into a Disney princess. When we booked it she actually choose the Cruise Line Minnie costume, so that is what we did. It was a challenge for her as she isn't used to big fancy up-dos with her hair... and by big fancy, I mean pulling, gel, hair spray, bobby pins, etc. We had a few minutes I thought she was going to throw in the towel, but she muscled through. Her “Fairy Godmother in Training” was awesome. Really tired to go easy on her and was so patient. And in the end with some minor modifications she got the crazy rainbow hair up-do she had selected.

Her first look at her outfit and fun hair
Telling Ariel about her outfit

Dinner tonight was back at Animator's Palate and although the menus are a bit fancier than we would like, we always find good food to eat. Tonight the entertainment in the restaurant was awesome.

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