Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 8 - Castaway Cay... by way of Nassau

We all expected to wake up at Castaway Cay -- Disney’s private island. But when I woke up about 2 hours before we supposed to get to the island, it felt like the ship wasn't moving. After about 20 minutes, curiosity got the best of me and I had to look out the window.... and we weren't anyway near Castaway Cay. So I turned on the stateroom TV that has a map and bridge report, to see the message that due to a medical emergency we had changed course, more information would be available in a bit. Soon Hubby woke up and we began trying to figure out where we really were. We were pulling into dock in Nassau. They made one announcement that I didn't hear about what was going on. But no more communication came until the person who needed to depart had left the ship. Then the cruise director came on the speaker and talked about the plans for the rest of day. We were still going to go to castaway cay - but would arrive late.
As the morning played out, the crew did a great job of keeping everyone entertained. And we arrived at the island about 1:15. They pushed back our departure time to 5:30, which would give us a nice amount of time on the island.

We got to see the Disney Dream pull into Nassau
Our sister ship (the Dream) and a Carival ship in port at Nassau

our location and course
So a bit of history... I have been to Castaway Cay four times previously. And have never had a great time. Most people LOVE this place. It's the whole reason they cruise and want to go more than once. I have had an OK time at best. Each time I try and go into it with a good outlook, today is the day I will see the light and fall in love with this place. (insert buzzer sound here) Not this time.
I soo want to love this place... even like it would be good. But today didn't help :(
We got off the ship without issue and headed toward the tram station. Beach here we come. We were first in a line to get on the next tram and our transportation loving boy was having a hard time waiting. Now it wasn't an organized line, but if you are a follower of common courtesy then you would clearly see who would get on the tram first... Ha.. silly lady. You push and push until you are on, don't look back just GET ON THAT TRAM.
We were shocked! Less than 30 seconds after the tram stopped to load we had all been pushed and moved out of the way, no seats were left and we stood there looking at each other with our mouths open.
Hubby was upset. Actually we all were, but I knew he needed to walk and not be in this line any longer. So we started to walk to the beach. And our boy lost it. He was sooo sad about the tram. Which was apparently his favorite thing on this island. We eventually got to the beach. The walk isn't too long, but I made several stops to help my kiddo calm down.
Beach time was great. White clean sand with lots of shells to find. And we really enjoyed ourselves.

Next up was a cabana massage for hubby, scuttles cove kids club for the little lady and back to the ship for the boy and I.

Boy at Mount Rustmore
on tram back to ship
ship from the tram
Amazing mosaic tile mural in Cabanas - Nemo themed 
a close of up of Nemo in mural
A little soft serve... watch out for pelicans 
Mine, Mine, Mine!
Great themeing for this place!

Our boy and I headed back to the ship for some quiet time. With a stop up top for some soft serve on the way. We were really settling into the room when my wave phone beeped.... I have mentioned wave phones?

Wave phones: like a cell phone, but provided by the ship. They work on board and at Castaway Cay. Allows you to call room to room and text - each room comes with two. And the kids clubs page or call on the wave phones.

So, the phone beeps... hmm. Who could that be? It was a text from Scuttles Cove on the island saying "just a reminder, we close in 10 minutes. Please pick up your child". Ahhhh! It takes at least that long to get there if everything goes your way: i.e. elevator is waiting, you make the tram and your relaxing boy wants to jump up and run off the ship.... oh, bother.
Well, with much coaxing.. and a little bribing, we were off. We made it off the ship in record time and the tram saw us coming and waited for us - what luck. Well, not really. this tram didn't stop at the Scuttles cove stop! It went right past it to the next stop and we had to walk back, which was not a fun thing for me or the kiddo I was dragging along with me. But we made it and picked her up before they closed up shop. We later found out that if you don't pick your kiddo up they will just take them back on board. Which makes perfect sense, but it all seemed sooo urgent at the time.
We met up with Hubby, who was in a massage relaxation bubble until he heard about all this silliness and had to deal with a grummpy boy, stressed wife and distracted girl - sorry hubby :)
He had planned to pick her up and bring her back onboard - anyway. Next time ask what time they close... because the times weren't posted and even though they postponed all aboard time, they didn't postpone the previously listed closing time for scuttles cove. Oh, she had a great time by the way.

Once we all got back on board it was time to get ready for dinner and eat. Dinner was back in Royal Court. Being our last dinner on board it's also the night you typically hand out tips :)
We had wonderful service on board. Our main server Nestor was awesome and Richards his assistant was so friendly. Overall we had great dinner experiences. 

After we ate and took a leisurely walk back to the room, we decided to get swim suits back on and hit the AquaDuck and pool one last time. Final AquaDuck ride count for the whole cruise: Boy: 18, Little Lady: 4, Hubby: 21, Me: 1

view of funnelVision screen with AquaDuck tubes over pools
Dad and Boy waving from AquaDuck

Loving the empty pools
Dad and Little lady waving from AquaDuck

The last night of a cruise you put your bags out before you go to bed. The crew then organizes and takes them all off the ship and into the terminal at the port in the morning.
So, we had some packing to do.
Then off to bed as early as possible. Our next morning would be the earliest morning yet.

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