Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 4 - Pirates, Ducks and Wishes

Today was really a great day. It had fewer bumps along the road than previous days and several great “ahhh, so this is what vacation feels like" moments.
We woke up and split up... the boys went to the AquaDuck and the girls went to a Neverland Pirate event/show/dance thingy. Our little lady had a blast. She was upfront with all the other buccaneers and played the games, danced along and learned all the pirate words. And it all ended too soon, according to her. 
a very brave pirate, trying to teach 5-7 year olds how to do the grapevine :}
We then headed up to the pool deck to have breakfast on deck and meet the boys. Our timing was a wee bit off, as we were done eating when they arrived, but hung out with them and headed on from there. 
breakfast and a view
Next on the agenda was a family variety show for hubby and the little lady and quiet time for the boy and I - which we always make the most of.
The little lady went to the kids club for fun and lunch afterwards and the rest of us connected to grab some food on deck. One thing I have to say about the food... it's readily available... whenever you want.. food can be found. And to my surprise, the portions aren't huge. A turkey wrap is cut into 4ths or 5ths but you can ask for as many as you want - no judgement I promise. It's great to sample different things.
After lunch I collected the little lady and we headed to a family craft time. Pipe Cleaner crafts! This was much lower key than I would have thought.... I was expecting some kind of instruction. But what we got was samples, supplies and a cheerful host/helper who wandered and chatted. To be honest I wasn't impressed, but the kid was into it already so we hung out. And by the end I was having a blast. She is a free-form artist and I sometimes forget how much fun coloring outside of the lines can be. The boys started out with us, but bailed to go explore, etc.

my finished creations
the little lady's finished creations
at craft room, right - it's one of the clubs on board
This afternoon was the second installment of the kids club detective game they played yesterday, so they had to go see what was next -- which gave me a chance to go to what has in the past been my favorite part of a Disney Cruise.. the Rainforest Room. Hubby had hit the treadmill so I met him there after the kids were checked in to the club. And I was in the heated tile lounger for maybe 3 minutes, before my favorite spot on the ship was reaffirmed. Hubby likes the steam rooms, saunas, etc. But give me one of these loungers and I am set. On the classic Disney Ships (Magic and Wonder) the loungers are in an interior room without windows. That might sounds drab, but they have done a great job, its really a nice place to nap, read, nap, whatever. And on the new ships - like we are on for this cruise, the loungers face a wall of floor to ceiling windows looking out to the ocean. Ahhhhhhhhh. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
If I had no other responsibilities I would probably nap the day away in one of these chairs. Bliss!. Hubby got me to try each of the steam-type rooms and the tropical showers they have are a hoot. But the loungers are still my fav.
When the kids event was over, hubby ran down and picked them up. I met them all on the pool deck and we did slides for about an hour. 

view of the mickey slide and AquaDuck 
Pool deck - Huge screen and more of the Aquaduck

Mickey slide!
everyone loves it!

Then it was time to get ready for dinner... where did the day go?
Dinner was good. The food is good, but the menu isn't quite to our tastes, so it's not the easiest thing to judge. Yes, it's prepared well, yes, it's beautiful... but eh, I would prefer something else. But each night something has been outstanding. Tonight it was my soup. WOW! seriously good stuff. Entree - eh, it was fine. Dessert... good. But can I have more of that soup?
After dinner the little lady and I got in line to meet captain Mickey. This was one of those moments, when you are looking around taking in your whole environment and you just feel content and happy. We waited about 15 minutes and the line was in a great location to people watch. The guy at the piano was playing classic love songs, that everyone knows - the atmosphere was upbeat and fun, Dads were dancing with little daughters dressed up, kids were meeting Cinderella on the other side of the stairs, kids were clapping along. It was a bit surreal, but that might have just been from my vantage point. It was another “Vacation” moment for me.
After our photo op with Mickey, it was time to head to the show for the night: “Wishes”. Lots of fun. After it was over, hubby made a mad dash to get the little lady back to the club for Pluto's Pajama Party. But she needed to go in PJs... thus the dash... back up to the room, then down to the club, before it all got started.
A funny thing about being on the ship.. you're really so far removed from the real world. Kids go to a party at 9:30 on the ship.... little kids. I picked her up at 10:30 and the place was packed. At home bedtime is between 8 and 8:30. But I don’t think they have fallen asleep before 10:30 or 11 since we got on the ship. Crazy!!

Ok, fun photos of the day....
remember the beautiful chandelier? today something has been added...
see it? a paper airplane 
a close up shot. 
they had a paper airplane contest in the lobby earlier in the day... I say this one was the winner :)

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