Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 1 - Three Meals, Three Airports, Three States

If you could hear kids counting down to take off this morning on an airplane, you were probably on our flight.
My alarm went off at 4am. But that wasn't when I started to wake up. About 15 mins earlier the hotel alarm clock went off playing the radio.... It was a very patriotic song - Glen Campbell or Neil Diamond... It was early, I don't really remember. But the lesson I learned is always check to see if your hotel clock is already set.... I use my phone for an alarm.
Anyway, the shuttle to the airport worked great and so did the family line for security.... Awesome! We were grabbing breakfast and walking to the plane before we knew it.
Our flight into Denver was uneventful. And lunch was a bit of food from all over the terminal.  I am 90% sure I saw Temple Grandin at the airport, but I didn't think approaching her was what she would have wanted. And I got 3 Starbucks mugs!!!! Which is one more than I was hoping for! And it's providing us with some minor packing challenges. But well worth it :)
So I can add Colorado, Denver and the bonus mug... Vail!
Moving on our second flight was very similar to the first...  Just slightly longer. We arrived in Orlando and survived the most crowded baggage claim I have ever experienced here. Then we wandered across the terminal to the Hyatt, our home for the night. For us and several hundred kids/teens competing in a hip hop dance event at the Hyatt. Me and hip hop dance go together so well, don't you think....hmmm, maybe not.
We dined at the Macaroni Grill here in the airport... Kind of like a real Macaroni Grill.... But not as good. Food was fine, once it arrived. Wouldn't you think airport restaurants would be quick-ish? But we relaxed and enjoyed not needing to be anywhere. On the way back to our room I was able to buy the Florida and Orlando Starbucks mugs!!! Yes, I may have a bit of a problem.... I will seek help when I get home :)

In our spacious room we enjoyed a mellow evening. Baths for kids and some coloring before bed. Tomorrow.... The ship!
Our room in Orlando Hyatt (forgive the mess. I didn't think to take pictures until right before bedtime)
through the open door, you'll find the next room...
a Murphy bed and dining room table....
Hide-a-bed and second 3/4 bath down that little hallway. It was a great spacious room. 

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