Monday, June 30, 2014

Beautiful day and BIG trees

Today breakfast was something new to us.... Orange Roll Waffles.
We have had Orange Rolls (Pilsbury, in case you are curious), they are a family favorite. And of course we have had waffles... quite recently in fact. But today we put the rolls in the waffle iron to cook them... Crazy? Nope. Awesome!

And a very quick way to make them... 3 minutes, compared to the traditional way - 20 mins.
We thinned out the glaze a bit and drizzled each little waffle - such fun!
Both kids agreed it was a hit. Thank you pintrest.

We had amazing weather today. After two days of overcast and rain, we weren't sure if we were going to see the mountain while we were here... but today I took sooo many pictures of the elusive Rainier, that I finally had to just put my camera away.
We started off the sightseeing back at Longmire for lunch at the National Park Inn. Then started the trek over to the Grove of the Patriachs, with several stops along the way.

It was all so beautiful. We had such amazing weather and crowds were still light, a great day.
Back at the cabin we couldn't waste this good weather... tonight we gave S'mores another go, and it was good.

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