Sunday, June 29, 2014

Waffles with Peaches

Our second morning in the cabin we had waffles again for breakfast... This time with an added warm peach topping - oh yum!

The kids settled into playing, finger-knitting and a puzzle, with a bit of time kicking it in the hot tub.

By midday, we were all dressed and ready to settle into some sort of activity... for the Dads and younger kids it was a hike in the park along Kautz Creek. For the Moms and two oldest kids it was chatting and watching DVDs at the cabin.
By two-thirty we were all back together and feasting on panini sandwiches.
Then it was time for our guests to head out, so we said goodbye and see you soon.

We decided with a few hours left in the day, it was time to see more of the Mountain.
Back into the park, this time heading up to the visitor's center at Paradise. Today was a foggy day with occasional rain coming around. 

Little lady and Dad going up into the snow

But we enjoyed the drive... some of it is VERY high up. And the visitor's center is great - they have lots of hands-on exhibits. We hit the gift shop and snack bar and even played in the snow.

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