Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Running (walking) with Disney - Day 1

Travel day - fail

It all started out well, and oh so very early.
The kids actually woke up before my 2:45 alarm went off.... I said EARLY.
We got dressed, ate a bit and were off.... Like cold, sleepy turtles in the dark.
With no traffic, it was a fast drive to the airport. We had time to get some breakfasty food and the mandatory Starbucks.

Side note: the holiday season is over... Note that my cup is not red :(
And my name has been reduced to one syllable.... Cute.

Back to our story :)
The flight plan today is to hop through Houston, spend four hours enjoying all the airport has to offer then fly into Orlando. Landing around 7 in the evening. Grab some dinner, check into the hotel and sleep til it's 2015.

All went as planned....
First flight went well.
Well-mostly,  shortly after takeoff, I noticed something going on in the aisle, a man was lying in it. Flight attendants were hustling about and a passenger a few rows back had offered his help. The man lying down was eventually ok, after some oxygen and help walking. Hubby told me later he  thought we might land early to get the guy medical help, but we didn't. (We should have seen this as a sign of things to come)
Houston airport had many treasures to be found..
Ruby's Diner for lunch
Amazing vending machines - nail polish vending machine!!!
And a train to take us around the terminal.

Enjoying the train around Houston Airport

Then somewhere about 3:45 into our wait... Things started to seem off...
The flight crew arrived but not the plane.... Even though it was on the ground in Houston since the night before.
Well, we had some delays....
And then we boarded.
But before we could get to the runway the pilot ran into an issue. So after hanging out on the tarmac for a spell (we're in Texas y'all) we parked in a different gate and maintenance came out.
They tinkered for a while, said "all fixed" and left. But our pilot said Nope, it's not working well enough. So they came back..... And once again said "all fixed". This time we were ready.
There was drama along the way. People really upset and wanting to get off the plane...some even did, but then came back.
But now we are once again trying to taxi to the runway, and our safety first pilot come over the intercom once more to apologize and say the plane is still not fixed.
So after getting back to yet another gate, we unloaded, still in Houston.
Note: we were on board that plane for about three hours. Just wandering around the airport, trying to take off. Flight time from Houston to Orlando: 1:45.
Stood in line to get new boarding passes for a flight at o'dark thirty tomorrow and vouchers for hotels and food.
What an adventure! 200+ people trying to keep a good attitude. Many having lost New Year's Eve plans and reservations. And now spending it in assorted hotels around Houston.
The cab to the hotel was fun. A sweet Jamaican man singing along to country music on his radio. Welcome to Texas!
And happy new year!!!
Almost, anyway. I am determined to be asleep before 2015, so good night.

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