Thursday, January 1, 2015

Running (walking) with Disney - Day 2

Travel day, take 2

We are up early again today.... With a strong resolve to get to Orlando.
Kids woke up much slower this morning. Still struggling to find a smile. With bad coffee at the hotel and some general confusion with the airport shuttle we headed to the airport In search of good coffee, food and clear skies to Florida.

The airlines did a nice thing and gave us premier status to get through security in a short line. And quickly found us seats together instead of the four of us all in middle seats behind each other.
And once we spent our food vouchers, it was about time to board.

For some unknown reason our flight was running 30 mins late. Since this flight had been created for us and the plane had been waiting at the gate since the night before, the delay didn't make much sense, but we've learned not to question. Our seats were way in the back 40 of the plane, but we boarded before most and the attitude of those around us was very much - acceptance and trying to laugh about it. Stories were swapped about hotel experiences and what had brought us to Houston. But soon we were backing up and the flight attendants began the safety presentation. Here we go....

Someone in the middle of the plane passed out during the safety talk, right before they showed us how to put on our inflatable vest, this poor guy slumped over.
His wife was sitting behind him with an infant on her lap. They stopped the plane mid taxi, and over the intercom called for any medical professionals to ring their call buttons.

It wasn't 30 seconds before someone had joined the flight attendants in helping. It took about 10 mins to declare this guy couldn't fly. He was awake by this point, bit we were all going back to the gate.... Again.
I asked our flight attendant if he had ever had a flight like ours (we had the same crew on all attempts to leave Houston)... He said yeah, everyday. Oh man.
So long story short.... Too late, we dropped this frightened family back off at the gate, with their bags and the airport medics and..... Wait for it..... We took off!!!!
I know it's hard to believe. You all thought we'd just taken up residence in Houston.
The plane erupted in applause when the plane took off.
When the family was unloaded the pilot came on the intercom to tell us what the plan was. He then said they would get is to New Orleans as quickly as possible.... Hubby and I looked at each other... Hmm? Then he came back and said, just kidding... We are going to Orlando... Don't quit your day job, fella. The flight went well.. It felt short even.
We talked with a very nice family visiting the US from Australia, who were riding out all the bumps of the last 24 hours with a great sense of humor.
And then we landed. Orlando, we've arrived!
Getting luggage, the rental car and getting checked in all went well. Note: it was worth calling the hotel to tell them we were coming, even with a prepaid room, they would have given it away.

Approaching Gaylord Palms resort, our hotel for the next day

Then it was time to try and make up for some of the time we lost on our Texan adventure. SeaWorld.

Let me say arriving at an amusement park mid-dayon New Year's Day.... Crazy!!!
People everywhere.
But I was hungry and we were hours behind on having fun... So lunch, then rides (we had already decided today wasn't a day to sit and watch shows... So we ride).
Well it seems luck follows us. Our first attempt to ride the penguin ride was halted before it started by the ride being down for an unknown amount of time.
Hmm. On to Wild Arctic, with a Polar Express overlay for the holidays.....
The ride starts, then goes black.... Another ride down. Hmmmmm
We tried Penguins again still not up...
Luckily after a bathroom break and walk through the gift shop, it was running. And three hours after we entered the park, we got on our first ride. Whew!
Later we went back to Wild Arctic and this time got halfway through the ride before it died.
Oh, I hope we can shake this pattern. "Back to the Gate" has become the family's joke for the trip.

Entering the new Penguin attraction... cool! 

Leaving the Polar Express area
Kraken - Hubby is in the second row, with hand in the air.

Well we managed to enjoy SeaWorld until our bodies reminded us how little sleep we have had the last two days. So it felt like a good night to get into PJs and have dinner in the room.

Tomorrow we hope to relax and regroup.


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