Monday, January 5, 2015

Running (walking) with Disney - Day 6

Day 6

Quote O' the Day:
"You didn't tell me when you wanted to be spontaneous...  I would've put it in the plan."

Epcot day!
Breakfast at Olivia's right here at our resort. Yum... Banana bread French toast. I couldn't finish it all.

We arrived and got a great parking spot, according to hubby. Now to activate our passes. With Magicbands and Fastpass+ a few things are different since we last had annual passes. No more voucher, it's all electronic... So we needed to do a little bit at the ticket booth, but it worked great and we were in line in no time.

Walking into Epcot. :)

First stop, Test Track. The kids designed an amazing vehicle and tested it with Dad. I got a shopping preview through MouseGears and met them at Mission Space, where we assumed our usual roles.

The Kids' Test Track creation
Hands in the air, like they just don't care

Ok, let me stop here for a minute.... Probably at least half of the posts on this blog are Disney related. And there gets to be a point when saying "then we rode this, and next we rode that, and then we rode this", gets a bit old. So if you don't mind I will skip all that. And hit some highlights and random thoughts, kind of like on our Busch Gardens day...

Once our morning rides were completed, we lunched in Mexico. And were amused by the White Ibis acting like sea gulls in the outside eating area.
As our afternoon finished up in world showcase we snacked in France. And then we returned to Future World to finish the last few rides we missed this morning.

I did a wee bit of shopping along the way. I did not get a Starbucks at the Epcot location, as that line was longer than any ride line had been so far.

After Epcot we came back to the room briefly before heading to Downtown Disney for dinner and yes more shopping

Wolfgang Puck Express was yummy. The new Co-op set of Disney boutique stores were fun, but the real money was spent at Worlds of Disney. I bought myself a nice dressier watch.

We hit the Westside for some running socks for hubby and discovered some of the fun navigating downtown Disney during its expansion... A little nutty.

A full moon at Downtown Disney

But the bus is definitely the way to go right now. Just saying.

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