Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Running (walking) with Disney - Day 8

Studios day

Each day is harder to get up than the day before.... Oh dear. So eating breakfast in the room today meant my extra snoozing didn't hurt our schedule too badly.
We enjoyed morning at the Studios today. Doing two new things for our son. He resists new things, so he had a few alternate ideas for this time, but reluctantly gave in. In the end both new experiences we deemed "ok" and he might possibly do them again....some day.

Hat is coming down... so this is the last pic I will take of it.
Bye Hat!

After lunch we buzzed out to ESPN'S Wide World of Sports complex for packet pick up. Which means our race is TOMORROW!!!

Pick up went smoothly and we grabbed a few items from the expo before heading back to the room.
We were able to connect with some friends who are also out for the race. They came by our resort and hung out for a while. It was fun to see them here. And we hope to find them at the race tomorrow.

Dinner was take out from Qdoba, a familiar choice from home. And bed early, despite our neighbors' best efforts.

Sunset coming back to resort.

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