Saturday, January 3, 2015

Running (walking) with Disney - Day 4

Vero beach

Breakfast today was at Cracker Barrel. Something new to us. It was a fun meal and fit the bill. Back at the resort we played some mini golf and lazied about a bit. Hubby and the kids hit the pool and slide. And we had an early dinner in the room.

After dinner the resort was doing a scavenger hunt. We had fun wandering around the grounds looking for answers. When we turned in our form we were told we were the only group to get all the answers right....that's right!
We leave early tomorrow, so we hit the hay early.
I think one more day here might have been nice. The resort offers so many activities that we didn't have time to enjoy. Sooo, next time.

lovely in the early morning rain

turned into a beautiful day at Vero Beach
I can see the mini golf course from our balcony... so I got to watch hubby and the little lady play a round.  
evening at the shore
Sunset - amazing 
During the scavenger hunt we enjoyed the art work on the tunnel walls

the tunnel under the main road.... great Peter Pan themed art in the the tunnel 

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