Friday, January 2, 2015

Running (walking) with Disney - Day 3

Day 3 - Regroup

Oh wow am I tried.
We decided to get up at a decent hour so we set an alarm for 8:15, with the plan of being up and moving by 9. My whole body just wanted to stay in bed, when I pulled myself up at 8:50. We all woke up thirsty and needing a slower paced day.

Breakfast today was from the coffee bar place in the hotel, the Cocoa Bean. It was quick and held us til lunch. Then we decided to check out of our room. Gaylord palms is huge and we knew we would have more time to explore if we weren't racing the clock.

This is inside the hotel....
and so is this.....
and this. Its a huge resort! 
Entering ICE! 
The main thing we wanted to see was ICE. It's an assortment of amazing ice carvings on display. Very Christmas-y. This was my third time to see it since we knew it existed. And it was great. They have a different theme each year. And this year added a number of add-on options. We didn't add anything to it. And I felt like there were fewer carvings than in years past. But we enjoyed it very much.

Before hitting the road we thought we'd lunch and go to the drug store. Lunch at Noodles and Co. And a long trip to Walgreens. And the road was calling.
To the coast for two nights, to relax and recharge in a quieter environment.

Driving out to the coast was quiet and uneventful. We arrived at Disney's Vero Beach resort and checked in. Our one bedroom villa was ready and waiting. So we got right to settling in. We are only here for two nights, so unpacking doesn't seem worth it. But we do have a washer and dryer now so laundry will be done. Yay!
We stopped on the way in and picked up some groceries... We also have a kitchen now :) so dinner will be in the room.

Thumbs up, things are good on the drive to the coast. 
Welcome to Vero Beach

It's still Christmas here :) 

Hidden Mickey on the linens!  Do you see it?

Our evening was nice. With a short stroll over to the main building to pick up dessert, we got comfy for the night.
Now the vacation is in full swing :) 

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