Friday, October 4, 2013

Food and Whine ;)

Today was our Epcot day! My favorite park!
We headed out the door about 10 this morning. Our plan was for 9:30, but hey we are left coasters :)
First stop at Epcot with our friends (the J's) was Spaceship Earth, followed by grabbing fast passes for Test Track on our way to the Food & Wine Pavillion.
Huge mobile at the top of this pavilion... how have I never seen this before?
We walked around inside, made some mental notes at the shop and took a look at the chocolate exhibit, before heading out.
(if you go, get the Drinking Chocolate... its amazing!)

Mr. J, tasting the Drinking Chocolate... and he has good taste in T-shirts too. 
All made out of CHOCOLATE, even the background picture is painted in chocolate.
You can say it, WOW!

With plans to come back to Future World for our Test Track fast passes, we headed for the food! Starting with the Terra booth and working clockwise around the lagoon.
Last year one of my favorites was the Chili Colorado that Terra had... and it was back! Yumm. I tried the curry as well, but the chili was better in my humble opinion.

Another favorite was the Empanadas in Argentina... so good!
As we continued our way around the lagoon, we hit the 3 Caballeros ride, and the Maelstrom ride in Norway. We sampled at booths along the way and made a stop in for School Bread - which is a new must have each trip for me. I shared it with Mr. J and we continued along the way. Eating and chatting.
The sky was amazing today. 

We tried Ribbon Ice Cream... Mango flavored.

A note about the food preferences of our little group. My  hubby and Mrs. J are both vegetarians... and as luck would have it both allergic to onions (but in different ways). I eat meat, not pork or fish. And Mr. J eats... whatever he likes :) So the festival had more offerings for some of us than others... but we all enjoyed it.
We found our way to the 12:45 show of American Adventure. And then it was time for our Test Track fast pass. Yes, it's true, you can't get much further away from Test Track than American Adventure, but whatcha gonna do?
After we took our ride, Hubby decided it was a good time for him to run over to the Wide World of Sports complex for Packet Pick up, while I continued to show the J's around Epcot. And we would resume eating when he returned.  So we headed to the Land for 'Living with the Land'. The J's have ridden Soarin', in CA and we choose not to wait in the standby line. After our boat ride through the greenhouses, we headed to the Seas with Nemo.
After finishing up Future World, we headed back over to the food and World Showcase. We hit a couple more food booths and I really enjoyed the pineapple fritters :)
Hubby met back up with us as we exited the circlevision in Canada and our group continued on to explore World Showcase and eat a bit more.  We wrapped up both the eating and the exploring in France and then wandered back to the room.
Tomorrow we hope to be lazy for the day. The race is at 10 pm.. with the post race party til 4 am... so a lazy day and maybe a nap sounds like a good idea.

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