Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oh Let's Sleep In!

We had a plan for breakfast this morning, but we all forgot about it - I blame sleep deprivation :)
It was 11 before we were all awake. And after noon by the time we left the room. Our plan today was to go to the Magic Kingdom and Mrs. J and I had reservations for Tea at the Grand Floridan early afternoon.
Well our timing was a bit off with a late start, so we went right to lunch at  Pecos Bills - this was my first time eating there. The condiment bar was great. I had heard about it but I was surprised by the size and variety. I am sure we will be back next time.  From here, we headed across the park to the People Mover, a very low-key ride, that for some odd reason is a favorite of mine. The J's know Disneyland, so riding something that isn't at DL was fun also. Just as our car had entered Space Mountain we stopped... not unusual. But unlike other brief ride interruptions, this one was lengthy... and ended with us walking off the ride with cast member chaperones. This was interesting, as I haven't done it before.
pic one of two in a series.... Our runner asleep around Disneyworld.... 

pic two of two ...... Yes, he looks awake... but is he really?

But the timing meant Mrs. J and I needed to head directly to Tea. The monorail was down for a while so we hoped on a boat and arrived right at our reservation time. I think we were the most casually dressed of the guests, but that didn't matter really.  We choose the Buckingham tea service and settled in to enjoy (what turned out to be) a two hour tea service.  I selected there own blend of tea, called Mad Hatter's something - It was wonderful!

the last course of our tea service was a trifle... soo yummy - pineapple and something. 

We enjoyed our tea and caught another boat back to MK. With just an hour until the MNSSHP start time, we didn't have time for much before it was time to depart. We gave the peoplemover another go, and also went on Buzz Lightyear, before departing.
The J's planned to rent a car from one of the onsite agencies that evening, but we arrived about 7, and apparently they closed at 6... so they will try again tomorrow.
The guys dropped us girls off and headed to Downtown Disney to find some dinner. Mrs. J and I relaxed and chatted, until they returned with Wolfgang Puck Express - Yumm.
After eating it was time to pack and get some sleep - our flight would be early tomorrow.
We said our goodbyes to the J's and set about it.

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