Friday, October 4, 2013

Welcome to the Humidity

Our arrival last night uneventful.
We all landed, collected bags if needed, and headed for the rental car lot. We picked out a happy red Toyota Camry and headed out. Since it was after 4... more like 6, our room was ready and check in went quickly.  With our bags stored in the room we buzzed down to Downtown Disney for some food... breakfast was a long time ago and those "snack paks" on the plane don't really last that long.
Earl of Sandwich fit the bill and I (once again) had the best turkey sandwich ever! The restaurant was crowded, like usual, but we found a funny little table for four with a post right in the middle and ate while we leaned around the post to all see each other :) It would seem we are silly even without our kids present.

Dinner! Best Turkey Sandwich ever!

After a yummy meal we wandered a bit, over to World of Disney to pick up a few required purchases. Last summer when we came they had a line of boys T-shirts themed after Phineas and Ferb... funny shirts with the gang at Disney World... the tag line on each says "Best Day Ever". We picked up the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror shirt this summer, it has an "Elevator-inator" on it with Dr. D... funny. So we (I) wanted to get another one for our kiddo. We found a Pirates and an Astro Orbitor themed one and were pleased with those.
The rest of our evening was a quick trip to the Winn Dixie to stock up on water and some food for meals in the room.

We found these at the Winn Dixie.... Hmmmm? Not sure if it looks good or not. 

Then we spent the evening just talking in the room.... we haven't had much time with our good friends the "J's" since college. We keep in touch, but since we don't live the same state anymore, it's not as easy. But with good friends getting together is always fun and easy.  The only hard part was trying to get up off the couch and go to bed... finding the balance between Florida time and home time. Staying on our home time would be better for race night... but?
We were up late :)

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