Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day at Sea - Day 3

I woke this morning to a fair amount of movement from the ship. Yes, I know we are on a cruise, but I assumed that since we don't really get that far from land it would be smooth... what was I thinking?
But I enjoy it, it reminds me of the adventure we are on and that is fun!
The little lady is sleeping in today - and the young man and hubby are going to a morning movie. So I have a little time to blog :)

Assorted Views from our balcony :)  

Soo close to the shore... great views all day! 
Today is a sea day and tomorrow we go through Tracy Arm Fjord (technically a sea day also, but the Fjord is very cool) so too many pictures of ice coming tomorrow :)
It was a rather busy day. We had kid's club events, returning cruiser parties and nature talks to attend. Also a trip to the spa and more exploring of the ship - no wonder I am tired.
The weather started out grey and misty and turned absolutely beautiful. In my opinion, we haven't spent enough time outside on deck yet. I think that will all change tomorrow.  I am enjoying being on a smaller ship, compared to last summer. Both ships are good at absorbing the masses, except for a few times each day, when you seem to run into EVERYONE! The evening show was the thing today.  I hope tomorrow we can all spread out nicely along the assorted decks to see the fjord... but my guess is everyone will want to be front and center on deck 10.
We are still having more movement of the ship than I would expect, but I everyone seems to be used to it :)

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