Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trains, the Klondike and Soapy Smith - Day 5

Todays Blog post is brought to you by the Letter S.... for Skagway

I am writing up the post for the day so far, sitting on our balcony overlooking the port/pier in Skagway. A town with the population of just over 800... and there are 3 cruise ships in port today... our ship has 1300 passengers. The cashier in one of the shops in town (which is 3 blocks wide by 5 blocks long) said 3 ships is really manageable, 4 plus and it gets crazy. Okay!
The weather is amazing and our early morning excursion on the White Pass Yukon Railroad was amazing as well. All the times we have seen the DVD of this train don't do the ride itself justice. We booked a ride that included "Disney exclusive youth activities". Which means on the return trip down the mountain, all the young'ns went into another passenger car with 4 dedicated staff/cast/angels, to keep them happy and all the adults (and our train loving boy) stayed in the main cabin for quiet and and sparkling cider (or champagne if you were so inclined). The trip which departed from the dock, then returned to the depot in town... a minute walk from the dock. But we took advantage and did our shopping.

This is the only port we will have time and opportunity to shop in, so took a little while to acquire the needed memorabilia :)
Back on board, we got lunch and now I sit, enjoying the weather and the view. At 3 the young man and I will go see the Disney Nature movie Bears, while hubby relaxes a bit and the little lady plays in the kids clubs.
I am back from the movie, and what's that saying about things not going as planned? Oh well. The young man really struggled with the movie and he connected with Hubby who decided not to relax. So they did some laundry... I got the better end of that deal.
We all met back up for dinner in Parrot Cay.
After dinner, we skipped the evening show, which was actually a movie (Maleficent). The little lady hit the clubs and the rest of the family watched our departure from Skagway and enjoyed the ship.
We aimed to get to sleep early... tee hee, that only worked for 1 of the 4 of us.

Tomorrow Juneau!

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