Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Getting cold up here - Day 4

Amazing Ice (lots of pictures today)

Today was amazing.... the views, the vistas, the windchill.... wow!
We started our day with a character breakfast - which was just going to be me and my little lady, but the young man decided to join us last minute.. so hubby came along too. Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy--in their finest nautical attire--stopped by while we dined and posed for pictures. It was nice to have a sit-down breakfast (our first of the trip) and it worked out well, even for the young man, who tolerated the characters.

head wear created by our amazing serving team 
rocking a peter pan hat
Then we (the parents/grow-ups/adults) went to see a short talk on Disney's innovations in theme parks, while the kids went to the club. One kid was having so much fun she wanted to stay longer... the other seemed to be waiting to be picked up when hubby arrived.
Now the bulk of today was to be spent cruising through the Tracy Arm Fjord and seeing the Sawyer Glacier - OOooooo Aahhhhhhh (truly, no joke).

Looks cold
wrapped up in Mom's new cruiseline blanket
Sun is starting to come out
"Welcome to Alaska"
We wouldn't enter it for another few hours, but the scenery was already changing. Hubby had a spa appointment mid-day, so the kids and I were on our own. We decided to enjoy our balcony and order room service for lunch. We ate.. and I watched as we got closer and closer to the fjord.
The temp also started to drop.
The fjord was amazing. The water color is a green blue, apparently from glacier sediment. We spent the bulk of the rest of the day watching from our balcony or up on the upper decks as the ice, water and trees went by. The ship stopped quite a while at the end of the fjord and turned around, giving everyone on board a great view of the glacier.
I mentioned before it was windy... It was WINDY. I think my cheeks got a bit red from the wind more than the sun.

Coming into the Fjord
Seriously, kids in the pool? (note what the lifeguard is wearing)
You can see the live feed from the front of the ship on the big screen
"Base Camp" set up on the sports deck for the kids
It was soo windy taking this pic.... I only took one!
A smaller ship in the fjord doing some sort of excursion
The Glacier
more glacier
more ice
View from our balcony
tents on the mountain side - surveying the glacier
they dropped a boat with photographers
Boys watching the boat drop 
With all the amazing nature about, we almost forgot about our appointment time to see the princesses from Frozen! But we didn't and our little lady had a very sweet meeting with them. Followed by more time in the club before dinner.

Tonight after dinner she and I decided to try our hand at Bingo... it was fun, and interesting to see how modern day bingo tournaments are held, but not something either of us wanted to spend much more time doing. We finished our round and went to the evening show. The entertainer/juggler was great! Funny, great timing, and very skilled juggler, we all enjoyed it.
Tonight is early to bed, because tomorrow is EARLY to rise.
Skagway! See ya soon.

More pictures :)

They picked up a piece of ice floating our in the fjord... 
posing with the ice ;) 
one of the crew gave him a small piece of the ice... it was cold 
Kyakers from that smaller boat 
Glacier Selfie
End of the day, balcony picture.... amazing day

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