Sunday, July 27, 2014

North to Alaska! - Day 1

North bound!
Today we set forth, like great adventurers of old.... well, we were enthusiastic anyway.
Leaving home and heading north for a cruise to Alaska.
Last summer while cruising to the Caribbean, we "rebooked" for this summer. Disney Cruise out of Vancouver, BC to the Last Frontier.

In Canada! 

We grabbed a bite on the road and arrived in Vancouver about 3:00 this afternoon. Our plan was to go to the Vancouver Aquarium and see the newly-opened expansion.
We were all excited and full of anticipation, but four laps around the parking lot really took a toll. It took about a half hour to secure parking. It was all luck and finally it was our turn.

What is the picture of?  
Who cares, let's just go check it out! 
The new expansion was really nice. We still aren't sure what -- beyond a big loverly lobby, a new ticket area and a coffee spot/cafe -- they added. We can't confirm any new exhibit areas - a few new small display tanks, but that's it.
Anyway, we cruised the Aquarium and saw all our old favorites, and enjoyed our visit.
Oh and the gift shop is new.... again :)
By the time we left, our hotel for the night was ready for check-in. We splurged and booked a room at the Pan Pacific at Canada Place; which is more or less at the cruise terminal and is also where we leave our car for the week. The room is lovely and the views are AWESOME. We buzzed down to the Gastown for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory, which was very comfortable. Then back to the hotel.
The boy and I stayed in the room and had some quite time and the little lady and Dad went out to explore Canada Place and scope out breakfast possibilities.
I hope to wake up early enough to see the Disney Wonder come in tomorrow!

View of the pool from our room
View toward Stanley Park and the dock
The Room..... Very Cool

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