Friday, August 1, 2014

Another beautiful day in Alaska - Day 6

Glorious day
Alaska waterfowl

checking out the dock from our balcony in Juneau
Our weather has been amazing! I checked the ten day forecast for this trip for the weeks leading up to our departure and was/am prepared for rain in most ports, as it said showers or chance of showers every day... especially for Ketchikan tomorrow.
But so far all our weather has been beautiful. Blue skies and sunshine!
Today Hubby had an early morning adventure (Photos and captions by him)...

Riding a Zipline through the trees
Have you ever intentionally tried to flip over a suspension bridge?
Only one way down...  That rope on the left side.
While he was off swinging through the trees, we had room service breakfast and had a mellow morning. Our little lady made an appearance at the kids clubs and we all came together for lunch when Hubby returned.

Great view of Mt. Roberts from the deck
Hanging out on deck until lunch time
The look you get when Dad says, "Wanna go to Disneyland, right now?", then takes you to a carpet map ;)

After lunch we all left the ship for a chance to learn how to pan for gold. Our tour took us on a brief drive through town and then to the gold panning creek.
They started us out with pans of rock and dirt that was sure to have some gold flake in it, which made us all feel like pros. But I don't think anyone had luck with subsequent pans we filled ourselves - it would have been hard to pay for our cruise had we been true Sourdoughs ;)

Our gold panning creek
Guess which one is our guide 
Back on board, it was semi-formal night and we went more on the "semi" side than the formal, all but our little lady. She got this cute Sailor Minnie costume on our last cruise and this was a great chance to get some more use out of it. And it got her lots of salutes from the crew, which was cute.

In her Cruise line Minnie ensemble 
leaving Juneau
Tonight was my chance to see whales and I was willing to miss the show to see some - it was a hard choice, believe it or not.
We were sailing back through the area where humpbacks were seen a few days ago and it was a fair bet they would be in the area. I was just about to give up, I'd told the family I was coming back inside in 5 minutes... then it happened. I saw a whale blow water, then he kind of surfaced and went back. I had my new binoculars so I wasn't going anywhere til I saw it again. And this next time he showed his tail fluke... that tell-tale sign it's a big old whale!

My whale sighting!
Love the views up here
I watched for a while and saw maybe 4 or so whales... we were moving and they were moving, and I was walking around the deck to see them better... not sure how to tell how many I saw for sure.
After my fun, I ran in and was able to catch the show after all.
Not a bad day at all.

Another amazing towel creature! 

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