Monday, August 4, 2014

Welcome Home - Day 9

Another amazing trip comes to an end.

I tried to get up early enough to watch us go under Lions Gate Bridge and take pictures, but sleepiness was weighing me down... Luckily hubby was a bit more awake than I... and he took pictures.

Good Morning Vancouver
It was an early morning, but that is kind of the deal with disembarkation day.
Our Head Server gave us a tip last night, and told us to leave our carry off luggage in the room when we came to breakfast. The room is ours until 8, so this was his way of trying to relieve the luggage congestion in the dining rooms.
I don't think other head servers were sharing this info, but our section was fairly easy to walk through :)

We had breakfast and went back to the room to pick up our gear and head down to the lobby to wait for our group to be called. We could have lingered longer in the room, I suppose, but we didn't want to hold up our stateroom host too much.
We found some chairs on the 4th floor by the windows, but we could still see and hear the calls for unloading groups. And of course it wasn't long until we (reluctantly) left the ship.

In the end, we made good use of our internet package

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