Saturday, August 2, 2014

Catch a fish in Ketchikan.... if you are a bear - Day 7

Another sunny day in Ketchikan :)

This is funny because Ketchikan gets the most rain in the US. And today was bright and sunny... not even a cloud in the sky. Amazing.

Breakfast - even the melon is fun! 
Our seasoned cruisers. Don't they look like they have this cruising thing down? 
That is the Safeway in Ketchikan... this isn't important, but it is where the Starbucks is.
Waiting for excursion to start... 
really comfy chairs :) 
We pull into Ketchikan a bit later than other ports, so we were up and able to see the ship pull in. Our excursion wasn't until after lunch, which was nice to not be in the initial crush to get off the ship.
Our excursion today was a float plane ride to Neet's Bay, to see the salmon hatchery and the bears - who are also fans of the hatchery.
This excursion only started two weeks ago, as prior to that the bears were elsewhere on the island. And today we saw at least 5 bears at the river (we saw 5 at one time, but it's hard to say if it was the same bears coming and going).
Ready for lots of pictures ......

Our float plane "airport"
the view out my window! 
Ready for take off
enjoying the views
lookin' for bears - amazing weather, did I say that?
eating a fish
too many pictures to caption them all... bears! 

Salmon hatchery... really amazing. Soo many fish. 
looking to see if any were going to jump out... almost! 

watching the bears - it was an wonderful experience 
the dock area, near where we re-boarded our float plane
flying back to town

our shadow

That ship looks familiar...
This whole excursion was amazing.
The float plane ride was awesome!
The bears were amazing!!
It was all very very cool. After our flight back to Ketchikan we lazed a bit on the ship, looking over our pictures and talking about all our fun. And dinner wasn't too far away.
After dinner we watched the ship pull out of Ketchikan. It would seem we lost two passengers in Ketchikan, as even after they pulled the gangplank the crew was still looking into the distance for stragglers and the all calls continued for two people from deck 8.
We are fairly sure we left two people in Skagway, but they could (for a pretty penny) catch a flight into Juneau and meet back up with us the next day. In Juneau we saw some runners.... who made it just in the nick of time.  But in Ketchikan, missing the ship means flying back into Vancouver and missing the whole last day of your cruise - BUMMER.
After wondering what fun the folks from deck 8 were having that caused them to miss the ship, we headed to the evening show - a really really good ventriloquist. The little lady and I left early to get her to an activity in the clubs she was hoping to attend.
Another great day! I am a bit sad that tomorrow is the last day :(
But we plan to make the most of it.

I loved being on the balcony this time of evening each night. 

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