Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 1 – Oregon and a Birthday

Today was the little lady's official birthday, and she told pretty much everyone we came across :)

We started the day in Vancouver and headed south after a great birthday breakfast.
We stopped at Qdoba in Eugene for lunch. I don't think I realized how much of a college town Eugene is. And if I had, I would have still assumed that it was mid-July and probably not full of college kids. But something was going on in town – lots of kids and parents. But lunch was yummy, and we got back on the road.
Ice Cream break at K-R Drive In

Our fun for the day was still to come in Winston, OR, at Wildlife Safari.
We arrived just after 3 pm. Which unfortunately is when the Elephant Car Wash closed up for the day, so we missed that joy... sounds like a riot, right? Let the kindly elephants wash your car...... they say “guarenteed to not get your car clean”. Maybe next time.
The 600 acre park is mostly a free roaming park that you drive thru.

Speed limit is 10 mph and the full tour took us just over an hour. Then we explored the small walk-through area, rode the train and the birthday girl took a spin on a camel.

Hippos like watermelon.. who knew?
Birthday Girl and her camel

The day ended in Medford. We had dinner and hit the Harry & David outlet, before settling into the hotel. With a quick swim before bed I was ready for some sleep and quiet.
California here we come tomorrow.

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