Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 8 - Legoland

Here we go!
Today was our first full day on our feet... ouch.
Us girls seem to be feeling it a bit more than the boys, not sure why that is.

We grabbed a quick breakfast at the hotel before packing up and heading to the land of legos.
We found out that they open a bit early for certain rides, so we decided to get in on that, and get those rides out of the way early. This plan worked very well for us. Overall we rode more rides than we have on any previous trip to Legoland.

Lego Safari

pedaling on sky-cruiser
sky-cruiser track ahead of us
boys coming around behind us on sky-cruiser
getting her Lego driver's licence.... clear the roads ;)
Jousting ride
this is a favorite ride for a certain boy (click on pic to see it larger)
Overall the day was great. We all got a little sun, but not much and it's so rare for us to see it so consistently we forget sometimes.
The park has changed a bit since our last trip. Lots more to get wet on, which a little girl loved. And new lands in the mini-land area.

Ice Cream break
A full day out means lots of fun and a few melt downs.... we had both.
We found our hotel in San Diego and are settling in.
The next few days should be a nice medium pace for us. Yay!

Bonus Picture:
Does this even need a caption?

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