Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 5 – Jelly Belly Factory Tour.... or our own mini version of “Some Assembly Required”

If you know the show “Some Assembly Required” or know how much our son loves this show, then you will know why going to this factory is so super cool. The kid was bouncing off the walls with excitement this morning. We arrived before the big crowds and were on the tour within 20 minutes of walking in. Sadly no pictures are allowed on the tour – so sorry, but the tour is free, so next time you are in Fairfield, swing on by. Or Netflix the “Some Assembly Required” episode. Who doesn't love Brian Unger, right?
giant flying Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly art
She was actually more excited than she looks :)
Anyway, we saw the factory in person and got a feel for the process. We also got our fair share of free samples. Hubby tried the Chili Mango flavored Jelly Belly and was truly surprised by the kick.
We also bought a number of Jelly Belly related items... cause really, where else are you going to find them? We had a great time and would go again.
After lunch in Vacaville, we headed home. The afternoon was spent doing crafts and playing at the house. With pizza from Zpizza for dinner.... yummy.   

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