Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 6 - A lazy day

Today is our last full day in Roseville. And we decided not to plan any big activities for today.

Our "maintenance required" light came on yesterday (as it does every 5000 miles), so we decided to hit the local dealer for a once over before we head out tomorrow. So the boys ran over and took care of that first thing this morning.

A quiet breakfast with grandma
I was allowed a lazy morning, which was lovely.
For lunch hubby and I got to go out, just the two of us - which is also a treat.
We also bought the most expensive souvenirs of our trip.
And we bought four of them.... big, black, new.... wait for it - TIRES!

In a rare moment of distraction, Hubby hit a curb in a parking lot at an odd angle, and the front right tire blew out.  And since our Highlander is 4WD and the tires were actually only 5000-10,000 miles until their end of life anyway, that meant replacing all four.  The timing of it was good... meaning, if we had to buy all new tires on the trip, today was the day we had time to deal with it... and it happened while just hubby and I were out, so we didn't have to test the kids patience. But it wasn't really something we were planning to do while on vacation, that's what makes it an adventure... right?

My mom brought several crafts with her, so the kids have a collection of newly created bookmarks, and Perler bead creations to take with them :)

being crafty

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