Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 10 - about town

Another mellow morning without setting the alarm.... lovely.
We splurged and ordered room service for breakfast, which made life really easy.
After breakfast it was time for the pool.
The hotel has 3 pools in their pool area. One has a small water slide entering it, one has two medium size slides, and the last pool has no slide. But it was the only one with sunshine this morning... brrrrr.
We got our water slide and chlorine fix for the day - kids loved the slides and we adults would have probably stayed longer if the sun had been a bit more present. We were very cold.
But the rest of the day was ahead of us and we were off on a Trolley tour of San Diego this afternoon. We lunched in Old Town at Cafe Coyote, which was really good. Then walked up and caught our Trolley.

waiting for tour to start
famous ship... the Star of India... I don't remember why, you'd have to look it up :)
I did this same tour just over a year ago and very little has changed with the format or route of the tour. We got off for a little snack on Coronado, then back on to see the rest of the town.

from brigde to Coronado
The full tour was about 2 hours and we decided to drive back to the zoo area to hit the railroad and carousel instead of navigating the Balboa park bus system.

After all the fun, we had a light dinner (I think all our meals out are getting to me), then back to the hotel.
On an odd note of symmetry, we started with a mellow morning (note from my first line today) and we ended with Marshmallows! (mellow/mallow... Clearly I have had one s'more too many :)
The hotel sells s'more kits and we decided to give that a go. We lucked out and found a fire pit no one had claimed yet and indulged in s'mores. We met a lovely family from "a small village just outside Kent" (in the UK) according to the darling little daughter, who were having their first s'mores ever. Hopefully our sugar high kiddos didn't scare them too much. 

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