Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 9 - The World Famous, San Diego Zoo

We enjoyed a lovely lazy morning today.
The hotel has a bagel chain store in it, and we had the brilliance to pick up a few gift cards for them before our trip. When I went down this morning to get some bagels, etc. for breakfast in the room.. I was politely informed that since they are a hotel location (run by the hotel) they don't accept gift cards... ah, the best laid plans :) Oh well, we will use them another time. 
Once fed and ready, we headed out to the zoo.

It was my second time and I still get really turned around in this place. Not only is it huge, but it's layered... we were walking along, enjoying the animals and there is a whole separate walking path viewing other exhibits below us... how do we get there?
sporting a fabulous sun hat
Okapi, a personal favorite
sleepy panda
having a snack 
waiting for sister
We took advantage of the buses inside the zoo and covered a lot of ground that way. 
We didn't close the place down, as the zoo is open 9 to 9 for the summer, but we stayed til dinner time and saw a lot of wonderful animals. 
We all had spots of pink from yesterdays sun, so we were very thorough with sunscreen application this morning. We also added a few hats to our sun plan, and I think we did better today, although I am developing a very funny tan line on my feet, as I keep forgetting to put sunscreen on them, and I switched from Mary Janes yesterday (with a strap) to flip flops today, so I have a little triangle forming on the top of my foot... tee hee :) - cracks me up. 
We went to Scholotzsky's for dinner, which we haven't been to in years and it was tasty. Even the kiddos enjoyed it. 
Now we are settling into a mellow evening in the room and maybe a spot of laundry.

view from our room
enjoying our little balcony

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