Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 7 - Drive

Today was spent on the road.
I think it's funny that you can get through Oregon on a tank of gas, but we had to fill up twice today.

We packed up and left our wonderful rental house by 9:30.
The house worked out really great and we are so glad we found it.

About an hour down the road we stopped at a Ghiradelli Factory Outlet for... chocolate. No seriously, we mainly stopped out of curiosity - it's not a working chocolate factory location, just a store and soda fountain, but we were happy to stretch our legs and pick up a few things for the road.... salted caramel hot chocolate anyone?

Then back on the road.
Next stop Santa Nella.... Andersen's Pea Soup.
I hadn't been here in forever, it was before we were married that we last went. And it all looks the same :)
After lunch we got back on the road. (are you sensing a theme for the day?)

Next stop LA - and dinner.
We stopped at Ernie Jr's, for dinner. Its an old family favorite and the timing worked out perfectly.
Until we were done eating and had to get out into traffic to head south. Eeks.

Our drive from LA to Carlsbad was about 45 mins longer than we were hoping for, but we got there all the same. It was a LONG day on the road. We listened to lots of music and some books off
But it's time to sleep, the Legos call tomorrow.

Bonus: A few extra pics of the kiddos at the park near the rental house the day before :)

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