Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 11 - A little of this and a little of that

We headed north today... which means we are more than half-way through our trip.
Breakfast was from the bagel place again this morning... it went much better to take kids with when picking items for them to eat. 
We ate in the room and packed up. Loading the car is turning into bit of a puzzle... things need to fit in just so. But its working out. 
Once we checked out, we headed to Seaport Village to take a Seal Tour.

The tour was great. A bit on land and a bit in the water. The kids enjoyed it... our little lady got a bit bored towards the end.. and she might have been getting a bit queezy. But we saw sea lions, pelicans and even a dolphin. 
After the tour, we hit the road. 
We lunched in the car as we drove north and got into Torrance around 4:30. So... what to do, what to do? 
Well, we found something to do! 
Have you heard of SkyZone? Well here, check it out...

We had a blast! And are totally exhausted. I mean really really tired, red faced, dripping with sweat. And that was only a half hour of jumping! Who would have thought that jumping on a trampoline would be soo tiring? But its also CRAZY FUN! I mean laugh out loud, don't even realize you are doing it, fun. So, now we are going to start going to the place like this near our house... it's kind of mandatory now. 

We decided to eat in our comfy room, so we hit the food counters at Whole Foods and brought it back to the room.
I am not sure if its all the sun, all the dining out, or maybe a half hour of bouncing... or it all combined, but I am feeling slightly off this evening so I am a bit of a party pooper to do anything else tonight. Sleep sounds good :)

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