Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Delightful day to rest

East Coast Road trip 2015 - Day 16

When planning this trip it occurred to us that after three theme parks and four states in 5 days... we would need this day to rest more than ever. So we chose this resort with that in mind... the lazy river was part of that... the kitchen and extra room to be mellow was the rest.

So lazy is the word of the day.
We slept in (some more than others) and made pancakes for breakfast with the assorted sides.
We found a large bottle of iced coffee at the store here, instead of the individual ones and so I was able to easily stay caffeinated.

After a relaxing breakfast we wandered down to the lazy river here at the resort. I didn't take my camera. Instead I grabbed an inner tube and floated around the loop with the kids.

This is how we hoped the day would go, literally going with the flow. We had so much fun we actually came back later in the day, after dinner.

We broke for lunch and some driving around the town for a spell. Had an easy dinner in the room and then back to the lazy river.

Overall it was just the day we all needed.

Hubby got a pic when we returned in the evening

Right along the other side of the resort is this little green belt and river... a few pics to close our lazy day :)

And we closed the day again with the fireworks from Dollywood.

Miles today: 13
Miles total: 1720
States Total: 10

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